Is Cannabis A Good Solution For IBS?

Is Cannabis A Good Solution For IBS?

It is no secret how effective Cannabis can be at relieving pain and discomfort associated with several conditions, injuries and diseases. But you shouldn’t always immediately mask your pain, even if it’s with Cannabis. Pain is your body telling you something is wrong. Before you try to kill the pain, or distract yourself from it, check in with yourself and see if there is something you can do to resolve the root issue.

Many people use Cannabis to treat stomach pain, discomfort and issues related to digestion. Due to its anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties, Cannabis is quite effective at relieving gastrointestinal discomfort. However, just because the pain is gone does not mean the problem is resolved. By only masking the pain with cannabis the problem will grow and continue to worsen until changes are made to your diet and lifestyle.

Don’t Just Treat Symptoms of Stomach Pain

Sometimes a condition may not have a direct cure, and all that can be done is manage the discomfort of the symptoms. That being said, it is prudent to make sure you are not just fighting the symptoms of a problem when there is a potential solution. While cannabis does have some serious potential to heal, the benefits must not be overstated. It is NOT a cure-all.

There are certain conditions that cannabis may not necessarily alleviate, such as IBS. Cannabis may ease some discomfort and pain associated with the condition, but it will not provide the same benefits as it could for someone with Crohn’s disease. IBS can be attributed to diet and nutrition, amongst other things, whereas Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune issue associated with inflammation. In order to achieve wellness it is important to treat the cause, not the symptom of the problem. Don’t just use cannabis to mask the pain.

Lifestyle Matters

We are all aware of how cannabis can stimulate appetite and alleviate gastrointestinal discomfort, pain, and nausea. These features of the plant are what make it such an effective treatment method for people going through chemotherapy, or suffering from AIDS. Since lack of appetite is one of the major signs of serious illness, stimulating hunger is crucial to enable healing and recovery. However, those infamous munchies can also be your downfall if you are not careful and conscientious about what you are eating. While studies are showing that cannabis users eat more calories but tend to have lower BMI’s and smaller waistlines that doesn’t mean it negates the consequences of eating poorly.

The cycle of the munchies can be never ending. You smoke, you chill, you indulge in a craving, usually it’s salty, greasy, and consists mostly of fat and carbohydrates. When you have this kind of diet it doesn’t matter if you aren’t overweight, eventually it will takes its toll. Junk food does more than potentially adding a few more pounds to your body, it also affects your health. The digestive system is not meant to process the additives commonly found in junk food, plus the lack of nutritional value can cause havoc on the body and eventually it will take its toll. This may lead to more stomach pain and discomfort which will be treated by consuming more cannabis. So the cycle continues…

This kind of lifestyle will eventually catch up with you, and may manifest in the form of lack of energy and nutritional deficiencies which may instigate further health complications as time goes on.

Make Better Choices

Be sure that when you smoke and indulge in your munchies you are also making healthy choices, no matter what. Why not try homemade snacks? It can be even more rewarding to make it yourself! Or, try to replace your go-to fast food joint with a different restaurant that has healthier options. In the end, you are what you eat. It doesn’t matter how much Cannabis you consume. If you eat garbage, you will end up feeling like it.

Approaching wellness from a holistic perspective means taking responsibility for how you fuel and care for your body in every way. The Village, a Vancouver dispensary, consults with new patients about other possible lifestyle changes before resorting to Cannabis as treatment. Cannabis definitely has its place in a healthy lifestyle as long as healthy choices are being made across the board.

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