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CannaReps CEO explains how team training increases sales and how we keep your employees engaged with ever-new cannabis products. 

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Canada’s 1st and ONLY Cannabis Sommelier Certification.

Trusted by over 200 Cannabis Companies Around the World

Recognized by the industry. Made for professionals and passionate connoisseurs.


Empower your team with the tools and knowledge to provide effective cannabis guidance

No cannabis experience? No problem! 
  • We transform a novice into a professional in 8 hours of education and hands-on activities
Overwhelmed with so many SKUs? 
  • Get up to speed with all the products in 50+ hours of classroom discussions  
Tough crowd?
  • Win over all types of customers from newbie to astute by providing effective and responsible cannabis guidance.
  • See customer referrals roll in as you build a community of cannabis lovers
Stay compliant and reduce the stigma 
  • Learn the language and create a relatable experience for the customer by translating technical terms like cannabinoid potency, terpene profiles, ancestry, and production method.

Budtender training that wows customers

Budtenders are the most influential people in shaping the cannabis industry. When they are given the tools and tangible skills to effectively help customers, they become effective at their job and more passionate about cannabis and serving their customers.  Budtenders create a community of customers that results in increased loyalty, referrals, and growth. 

Training strengthens your team culture and enables a consistent customer experience. When your team is empowered with the compliant language and shares the same foundational knowledge, they can work together to efficiently serve all types of customers. That means a customer shouldn’t wait to talk to a knowledgeable person.

Be the ‘sticky icky’

Good educational content between customers and teams creates long term relationships.

Increase customer loyalty and employee retention in 1 day.

Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 Certification


A trained and knowledgeable cannabis guide that has mastered product appreciation and best practices.

Quality Grading
Ancestry ID
Production Methods

This is what Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 Graduates can do:


Flexible Ways to Train Your Team

Register anytime, learn at your own pace, complete your exam when you’re ready. 
Your course access never expires.

Small Teams
(single registration
up to 5 students)


Self-guided, interactive online learning

Go at your own pace: certify yourself in 1 day, over a weekend, or take as long as you like!

What you get in the program:

  • 8+ hours of engaging videos and demonstrations
  • Fun & interactive hands-on activities with focus on sensory skill development
  • Cannabis Sommelier Student PDF Workbook and curated resources
  • Lifetime Level 1 online course access—available on desktop, iOS and Android mobile devices with an internet connection
  • Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 Certificate of Completion

PLUS live Study Hall sessions with our instructors and community for 6 months!

Online, Self Guided
Retailer Program

(6 students or more)


Easy employee onboarding as you grow

Lock in your team pricing now so it never increases!

Empower each team member with the most up-to-date cannabis knowledge as you grow. Deliver a consistent and confident experience that your customers can count on. 

Establish a company culture of product knowledge, science, and cultural awareness that builds your organization. Quickly and conveniently onboard new members as your team grows.

Get everything in the self-guided online program including all the video course content and Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 Certificate of Completion

  • Start by purchasing 6 or more registrations
  • Easy online payment options by credit card or e-transfer, or request an invoice at checkout!
  • We setup your Team Administration page
  • Easily enroll each team member online whenever they’re ready to start!

Industry professionals benefit greatly in our Study Hall sessions where we discuss the latest science and products on the market with other students and alumni

Custom Private Training
(In-Person or Live Webinar)

Learn together in 1 day
starting at $6000/group

Certify your entire team in 1 day!

Ready to customize your private webinar?

The preferred team-building and employee onboarding training experience where we customize the content to your company’s needs. 

Your entire team can learn all at once, and ask instructors live questions throughout the day.

  • LIVE private & customized 8-hour interactive webinar
  • Follow along with our Cannabis Sommelier Student Workbook and curated resources
  • Includes lifetime access to online resources
  • 1-day live certification for your entire team or customized live learning sessions plus optional online certification. We have options to fit your team!

Private customized sessions and industry expert insights for your entire team.

What you’ll learn

Cannabis Sommelier
Level 1 Certification Program
Cannabis Ancestry, History & Culture

Learn how to give appreciation and respect to the ancestry, history and culture of cannabis from around the world by being able to identify its lineage and grade its quality.

Botany & Biochemical Constituents

Break down the various cannabinoids and chemicals that the plant can produce.


Learn the solvent-free and solvent-based extraction methods and the potency ranges of each product type.

Consumption Methods

Learn to provide safe guidance with each consumption method.

The Endocannabinoid System

Learn about the endocannabinoid system and entourage effect. Gain an understanding of why cannabis effects people differently and the medical contraindications for cannabis use.