Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 Certification


In-person training that levels-up your product appreciation skills to challenge the Level 2 Certification Exam
Deepen your understanding of cannabis ancestry and modern hybrids

Become empowered with powerful product recommendation skills for the developing industry

Canada’s 1st and ONLY Cannabis Sommelier Certification.

Be prepared to put your product appreciation skills to the test in mind and skill-expanding lectures, exercises, and sensory challenges designed to sharpen your mind, eyes, and nose for the Level 2 certification.

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Cannabis Sommelier Certification

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What you’ll learn

Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 Certification Program

Cannabis Taxonomy and Speciation

Learn the accepted scientific taxonomy for different types of cannabis and how this plant evolved.

From Cultivar to Chemovar

Analyze cultivar-specific biochemical profiles and review the existing approaches to predicting physiological effect.

Ancestry and Biochemistry

Learn how different landrace/heirloom cultivars can differ in their biochemical content and practice identifying isolated terpenes as well as dominant terpenes in tested flowers.

Studying Complex Poly-Hybrids

Expand your knowledge about the key gene pools that were utilized to create today's complex poly-hybrids

Environment, Ecology and Post-Processing

Learn how growing medium, feed, ecology and other environmental factors can affect end-product quality.​

Cannabis Product Knowledge Training

Level 2 In-Person Certification

Select a 2023 Level 2 Course Date

Vancouver, BC

Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 Certification Class
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
10 AM – 6 PM

Toronto, ON

Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 Certification Class
Sunday, June 25, 2023
10 AM – 6 PM

Calgary, AB

Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 Certification Class
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
10 AM – 6 PM

Toronto, ON

Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 Certification Class
Saturday, October 21, 2023
10 AM – 6 PM

Vancouver, BC

Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 Certification Class
Tuesday, November 14, 2023
10 AM – 6 PM

Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 is best suited for those who have taken the CannaReps Level 1 certification, however, the course is open to anyone. CannaReps strongly advises practicing the knowledge and skills learned in our Level 1 course before taking the Level 2 course and exam, but we invite anyone with the right experience and a good eye/nose to join us.

Training 6 people or more? 

The CannaReps team goes on-site TO YOU and provides a personalized training session that is customized to your unique product line and services.

Visit our Team training page or email for more information or quick team registration.

Level 2 Certification.
The learning experience you've been waiting for.

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One 8-hour day of in-person learning with live lectures, sensory training, and your certification exam.
Plus Study Hall sessions and online resources.
Your online access never expires.

What you'll get in the Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 Certification course:

Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 Certification Exam

Be prepared to put your product appreciation skills to the test in mind and skill-expanding lectures, exercises, and sensory challenges designed to sharpen your mind, eyes, and nose for the Level 2 exam.

Remember that even if you do not pass your first Level 2 exam attempt, the opportunity to learn is the most valuable part of the experience. Plus, all exam future retakes come at a whopping 70% discount.

Level 2 courses are best suited for those who have taken the CannaReps Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 certification, but the course is open to anyone. CannaReps strongly advises practicing the knowledge and skills learned during our Level 1 course before taking the Level 2 exam, but we invite anyone with the right experience and a good eye/nose to join us.

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Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 Certification
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A trained and knowledgeable cannabis guide that has mastered product appreciation and best practices.

Quality Grading
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Level 2 Graduates will:

Our Cannabis Sommeliers LOVE our tools and techniques,
and positively impacting lives every day

“Novice, intermediate or expert—regardless of your cannabis knowledge, CannaReps will educate you, engage you, and leave you feeling excited and better informed for you part in the industry. Inspirational speakers, hands-on learning, and a course unlike any other!”

Cannabis sommelier level 2

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Meet Your Instructor

Adolfo Gonzalez, Founder & Headmaster - CannaReps

Adolfo Gonzalez C., Headmaster

The master educator of the CannaReps crew, Adolfo brings 20+ years of experience as a grower, community organizer, researcher, and consultant in the cannabis industry. Whether you’re an eager student or an industry veteran, Adolfo inspires people to adopt the ‘eternal learner’ mindset when it comes to cannabis because he believes that it can change lives and help communities heal when we treat the plant and its users with respect and understanding. Adolfo’s advocacy for dispensaries, clients, and deeper research in cannabis often see him at the head of the room, presenting his research and moving public policy forward. 

Julie Domingo CEO CannaReps

Julie Domingo, CEO

Julie provides exemplary cannabis education and helps cannabis companies deliver the ultimate customer experience. Breaking barriers comes naturally to Julie, as the first Canadian female Apple Expert trainer, and the pioneer that obtained the first cannabis compassion club business license in Canada, while winning Lift industry awards 3 years in a row. As one of the rare women of colour CEO’s in the industry, Julie is humbly committed to removing stigmas, building community, and increasing industry standards for high-quality products and compassionate service.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a beginner who’s curious about the budding industry, a current industry professional who’s looking to brush up on cannabis product knowledge, or an entrepreneur looking to expand their knowledge—this course is the right answer for you! We give you solid, proven, evidence-based data that is as up-to-date as possible so you leave the class with all the top information.

The Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 program is great for beginners as the content provides critical and foundational concepts to understanding cannabis. We have had many cannabis “newbies” take the course and by the end, they feel empowered and confident in their cannabis knowledge. As this is a comprehensive program, you don’t need to do any additional reading or study prior to the program.  A list of recommended articles, publications, and books to further your knowledge is provided in our references section.

Our Cannabis Sommelier courses were originally developed for in-person learning in a classroom setting where learners can study cultivars hands-on. This year, we’ve redeveloped Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 into an online course and packed it with even more valuable content.
This new delivery format gives us three advantages:

  1. A lower price point!
    In-person, Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 is normally $480 (plus travel expenses for out-of-town learners). We’re now able to offer the online course for just $347 CAD! Tuition is subject to change.
  2. The convenience of learning at your own pace!
    The program is now self-guided so you can pause, review a section, or take a break as life demands without losing access. We welcome all types of learners and are even more easily available to clarify concepts and answer questions.
  3. Learn online from anywhere!
    The course content is accessible anytime from your computer or mobile device, as long as you have an internet connection. So many of you have asked us to come to your city or country—now we can learn in the comfort of your own home!
  4. Study Hall sessions!
    We’ve never been able to offer this to students before! Your online certification includes a bonus of 6 months of Study Hall sessions with Headmaster Adolfo. We also make these videos available for playback in case you miss them.

This is a hybrid of an online course and live training. The core content is offered on our website where you get a combination of videos, hands-on activities, quizzes, and reference hand-outs. The live component is our bi-weekly Study Hall sessions which we have not been able to offer our alumni community until now. The fun and relaxed sessions is where you get to the latest updates on all things cannabis—directly from our instructors. Ask all your questions, connect with other learners, and stay up-to-date on the latest cannabis products and science. Not only does Adolfo deliver extra bonus content every session, but this is also a great networking opportunity for those interested in the cannabis industry!

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the core content of your course for as long as you like—across any and all devices you own.
As part of your course, we provide almost everything you need to learn including shipping you a Cannabis Sommelier Toolkit. For the best learning experience, we recommend you acquire your own cannabis (approximately 10.5g) to use as learning samples with to the toolkit and digital resources we provide. A list of recommended cultivars will be e-mailed to you after you complete your enrolment.
  • Not able to obtain cannabis? Don’t sweat it. You can still learn all the core content by watching our videos and attending the Study Hall sessions. Just like a cooking show, you don’t need all the ingredients on-hand to learn how to cook a dish!

Yes, this course is available internationally, and we already have students across the USA and around the world. (If our checkout doesn’t ship to your country, send us an email!)

One of the hurdles that you may encounter is your ability to access cannabis depending on the laws applicable to your state or country. However, you don’t need to have cannabis on hand to enjoy the program, as you can still learn by watching us complete the demonstrations. Regardless of your ability to access cannabis, we send you a Cannabis Sommelier Kit. (The kit does not contain any cannabis)

Bulk registrations for Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 can be purchased in quantities of 6 or more at $297 CAD. You’ll be sent unique codes to enrol each team member now or in the future as your team grows. Contact us at for more information.

This is a self-paced course, with a total of 8-10 hours of instructional lessons. All the topics are broken down into mini-lessons so you can stop for a break after each lesson or activity. The best experience is to take the course in sequence as the course is designed in a building block style where each lesson is a foundation for the next. The last lesson ties in all the learning provided in previous sections. 

We believe so strongly in our courses that you will gain knowledge and confidence about cannabis for your own consumption and guidance for others. If you feel that you are unsatisfied with the course content and that it did not add value to your understanding of cannabis, please contact us within 30 days and we will give you a refund minus the cost and shipping of the Cannabis Sommelier kit (valued at $89) as you get to keep it.

The Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 program is a highly interactive program that requires close examination of cannabis products in person. Considering the pandemic and health orders to limit gatherings, we have paused all of our in-person seminars. When restrictions for gatherings are lifted, we will list dates and locations for the Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 program, as well as send an email to our list. Successful completion of Cannabis Sommelier level 1 is required before taking the Level 2 program. 

We are considering offering parts of Level 2 content online such as the lectures and theories in the near future so please stay tuned. The interactive and sensory development components are impossible to conduct online as there is a large component of smelling and handling products—many of which are difficult to find on the market. There are also regulatory restrictions preventing us from shipping out cannabis products and we must adhere to them. 

Level 2 is a very fun and interactive experience, where it is worth meeting and learning with other cannabis community members. The activities we have designed include group work and the discussions among the students are very valuable to cement your learning. We hope to be able to host Level 2 sessions in select cities across Canada this fall.


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Age verification required to ensure students are of legal age to access Cannabis.

18+ in Alberta, 21+ in Quebec, 19+ in all other Canadian provinces, 21+ in the USA.