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Cannabis Retail Management Masterclass

Build the ultimate retail store experience.

Next Intake Begins August 1, 2023

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What you’ll learn

A condensed modular online course to put your plans to paper for the ultimate Cannabis Retail experience. Plus weekly online Masterclass Workshops that bring your retail strategy to life and connect you with a community tackling the same challenges across the country.

Setting Up Systems for Profit

If you don’t know your money—margins or forecasts—you can’t know your business.
We help you understand the industry benchmarks so you can define your KPIs and know exactly when you’re scraping by and when you can afford to give everyone a bonus. What your profit model looks like determines everything.

Impress on First Sight

A first impression can either turn into a lifetime relationship, or a one-day

Your brand is more than how it looks, the way you place your products, or
even the way you design your store. It’s about the multi-sensory impression you leave with your customers.

How to Get Raving Customers

How do you keep customers hooked after the first transaction?

We help you understand what the best stores do right by digging into
consumer insights, customer service models and long-term, sustainable marketing plans, so you can steer clear of new-canna-business wrongs.

Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Compliance

There’s no straightforward formula for success when the rules are still being written.
Legal documents are a start, but there’s nothing more dependable than the 20+ years of real-life experiences of our award-winning instructors.

Reverse-Engineering a Powerful Culture

Great culture is invisible: you just trust the branding, the values and the people in
that company.

One of our biggest goals is to help you build an aligned business: starting from your core values and ending with a culture that invites community.

Curating Your Cannabis Menu

Planning any menu takes effort: nevermind when you’re serving a lot of newly curious customers.
We help you find out people’s pain and pleasure points (their cannabis WHY) so you can curate a cannabis menu that answers everyone’s needs before they ask.

Cannabis Retail Management Masterclass
Online Program
$2997 CAD

Next Intake August 1, 2023

The Cannabis Retail Management Masterclass includes the Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 Online Certification. We recommend completing your Cannabis Sommelier course before you begin the Management program. 

Cannabis Retail Management
Online Masterclass Program

The Cannabis Retail Management Masterclass begins on August 1, 2023.

You’ll receive an online lesson module each week with easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates and strategy-building exercises.

Then join your weekly, live online Masterclass Workshops, where we’ll expand on the content to build out the strategies to work specifically for your organization.

Live online Masterclass Workshops run for 10 weeks on Tuesdays at 10AM PST/1PM EST. 

The Cannabis Retail Management Program includes the Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 online certification course. You’ll receive immediate access to the Level 1 online course upon registering for the Retail Management Masterclass Program.

If you have already completed your Level 1 certification, contact us for a discount code towards your Management Program tuition.

Training 6 people or more? 

The CannaReps team goes on-site TO YOU and provides a personalized management training session that is customized to your unique product line and services.

Email for more information or quick team registration.

Get Your Training Costs Covered / Reimbursed

Your company may be eligible for a training cost reimbursement, provided by provincial government programs. Select provincial government programs are listed below. Provinces not listed here may also qualify for reimbursement – please check with your provincial body.


6 Proven Strategies For


In An Oversaturated Market

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From the CannaReps
Cannabis Retail Management Masterclass

Learn More

Create your foolproof, legal business plan
for the new cannabis economy

The bootcamp run by industry veterans you can’t afford to miss

Cannabis has been pegged as the newest multi-billion dollar industry that is as revolutionary as the internet. If you’re paying attention, you’re
excited, because the plant that’s sparking the revolution is transformative, healing, and full of possibility for anyone from the canna-curious
to those more medically inclined. You want to bring your experience, excitement, and community to a meaningful, long-term business in
the new space. But loads of questions keep haunting you…

What’s the right way to navigate the
regulations and licenses?

Starting up a cannabis retail store is confusing, no matter whether your dreams are a national chain or a one-stop-mom-and-pop. CannaReps
helps you plan your dream business using a workshop format where you get to test out your ideas. In the Dispensary Business course, you
get access to fast-paced and in-depth guidance, collaboration, expertise, and test environment that’ll give you the jumpstart you need to
take your next steps to dispensary superstardom.

We’re the cannabis business plan bootcamp for you.

Trusted by over 60 Cannabis Companies Around the World

You’ll leave with

A 10-step success plan to help you craft the ultimate dispensary experience (used by award- winning dispensaries & managers in Canada)

Best practices for determining key metrics for success, how to set up your store for your target clients, what to offer to get people hooked, and how to get raving reviews

A competitive business model that is authentic to you and resonates with your customers and employees

A plan. A way forward. And the
confidence to take your next steps.


A 3-month countdown operation checklist
of “Need-To-Dos” that every store manager needs to have

Julie Domingo CEO CannaReps

Julie Domingo Your Instructor

Julie only works with passionate people, which is why she ended up as CEO at CannaReps after 13 years of award-winning stints at Aura Cannabis, Apple, Rogers, and Canon. Breaking barriers comes naturally to Julie, who was the first female Apple Expert in Canada, and the GM that led Aura Health Studio & Dispensary to win Lift awards 3 years in a row, as well as receive the first compassion club business license in Vancouver. She’s the sort of deadline-driven creative who’s hungry for better companies and more compassionate practices in the world and in cannabis.

Long story short, Julie’s the sort of go-getter that you need on your team and as your coach, which is why her expertise in the Cannabis Retail Manager Masterclass has been lauded left, right and centre by students.

Our. students. love. us.

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